Ragdoll colours

This is a guide with all the colours we currently breed or have breed with example photos of what they look like from kitten to adult.

Photo from owner means that I got the photo from the person who brought the cat from us:) If it doesn’t have that, assume that the kitten/cat is living here or the photo was taken at Sapphiredolls.

Most of these wonderful photos are given to us from people who have brought kittens from us!

Last updated 12/04/2023.

Blue point

Blue tabby point

Blue bi-colour

Blue tabby bi-colour

Seal point

Seal tabby point

Seal bi-colour

Seal tabby bi-colours

Chocolate point

Chocolate tabby point

Chocolate bi-colour

Chocolate tabby bi-colour

Lilac point

Lilac bi-colour

Red point

Note that reds/creams are %90 always males. It is very rare to get a red female.

Red bi-colour

Cream bi-colours

Seal tortie point

Seal tortie bi-colour

Blue tortie bi-colour