Pedgiree names

This is a list of pedigree names of our cats!

Name of parentsNumber of kittensSexesDate of birthKitten namesColour/patten/sex
Lioness/Matt7Boy27/07/20MAJOR GENERAL CHOCOHLICCholocate point male
FemaleMY TWINKLE TOESCholocate point tabby female
BoySEGREANT TANKSeal point male
FemaleCOLONEL TIGRESSXSeal point tabby female
FemaleSkyxSeal point female
FemaleCOMMANDER FLOSSYYXSeal point female
FemaleFLEET ADMIRAL DUTCHESSeal point tabby female
Willows/panda4Male19/09/2020Mr SunxCream bi colour male
MaleMr MoonxCream bi colour male
MaleGeorgiexBlue point tabby male
FemaleDeliahBlue bi colour female
Josephine/Tigger3Female31/10/2020Miss sprinklesSeal bi colour tabby
MaleMr sprinkles is delightfulCholocate point
MaleMr cholocate sprinklesCholocate point

2021 Litters:

Cyan/Panda 2021

Born 6/1/2021.

MaleBlue collarMAJESTIC TONY Blue tabby Bi colour faty
FemalePink collarNOMI Blue tabbyBi colour faty
FemleSliver collarMANDOO Lilac bi colour Tiny
MaleBlack CollarTURBO STARK Blue tabby Bi colour

Madam Meow(Lap cat)/Tigger(grumpy)

Born 22/2/21.

FemalePurple bandPoppyy RussellBlue point
FemalePink bandLILY LOVE NAVARROChocolate bi colour
MaleBlack bandTHORN LION SMchocolate point
FemaleBrown collarWillow Hetherington chocolate point
FemaleBlue bandKalanchoe MeowSLSeal bi colour
FemaleHuman bandMarigold LuciaSeal point

Dr Sassy Blue(Sassy)/Brown Bear(Bear)

Born 22/2/21.

FemaleLight Blue BandUrsa Minor heydenrychBlue bi colour
MaleBlue bandUnicorn Baron TopunSeal bi colour
MaleOrange bandPhoenix Marquess ToptunBlue point
MaleYellow BandJupiter Charita PaulSeal point
MaleRed bandComso ChanSeal bi colour
MaleSliver BandAstrol Star Blue point

White Tiger/Panda

MaleYellow bandBlack Lighting Seal tabby bi colour
FemaleRed band Elsa Blue tabby point
FemaleLight blue bandMelody of loveChocolate bi colour tabby
Female No BandGerberaBlue tabby bi colour
Male Orange bandJohn SnowChocolate tabby bi colour
FemaleGreen bandQuick SliverChocolate tabby point

Litter Born: 20/03/2021


Born 16/08/2021

FemaleNo BandA Whisker AwayLilac point
FemaleRed band Eowyn Fig Blue tabby bi colour
MaleNo bandPopping JayCream bi colour
Female Brown bandTimothée Pisces Blue tabby bi colour
Male Orange bandJackson Blue bi colour

Cyan/Brown Bear

5 kittens total. Born: 15/09/2021

FemaleSoldPinkDarling Seal bi-colour
MaleSoldRedEmperor BeefyBlue point
FemaleSoldLight BrownQueen FreyaSeal bi-colour
FemaleSoldDark BrownLady StifBlue bi-colour
FemaleSoldPurpleBig PicklesBlue point

White Tiger/Brown Bear

Final Litter. Born: 14/10/2021

MaleKeepingBlackButter BearSeal point
MaleSoldRed collarRaspberry BearSeal tabby point
FemaleSoldPink colalrMango BearSeal point white right foot
FemaleSoldPurple collarWhite BearSeal tabby point

Moonbeam/King Julian

5 kittens total. Born: 16/12/2021

MaleSoldRedDusk StarBlue tabby point
MaleSoldAquaSunrise StarBlue tabby point
MaleSoldPurpleMiracle StarBlue tabby bi-colour
MaleSoldBlackDawn StarBlue bi-colour
FemaleKeepingPinkMorning StarBlue tabby bi-colour

Twinkle Toes/King Julian

MaleSoldBlackBlue MoonBlue point
MaleSoldBlueGolden MoonSeal point
MaleSoldAquaGreen MoonBlue point
FemaleSoldPinkStarSeal tabby point
MaleSoldRedRed MoonBlue point


MaleSoldRed CollarMistLilac point
FemaleSoldPink CollarCloudyBlue mink point
MaleSoldDark Blue CollarSunshineSeal point
MaleSoldBlack CollarSunnySeal point

Madam Meow/King Julian

FemaleSoldRed CollarLacy LoveBlue point
FemaleSoldPurple collarLady LuluBlue point
FemaleSoldBlack collarPompom LoveBlue point
FemaleSoldPink collarLady LoveBlue bi-colour
MaleSoldBlue collarSir BlueBlue bi-colour

Ranchdolls JellyBaby/Sapphiredolls Finding Boxy

FemaleSoldPurpleVioletSeal point
FemaleSoldRedKumo MySeal point
MaleSoldBrownMiloSeal point
MaleSoldNoneJojo Seal point