Here you will find our facebook reviews from over the years. If there is any I miss, they will be on the following link:


I highly recommend Sapphiredolls. I have two beautiful Ragdoll girls from this breeder and they have the quietest nature and are exceptionally friendly to everyone in the household and any visitor.-Nicola Hickey,

Pudding is our adoptee from Sapphiredolls. She is our absolute delight. Made friends with our 3 year old rescue Tabby and Maine Coon. She just made herself at home. Perfectly toilet trained. She’s an easy puddy. Sapphiredolls went above and beyond to help us adopt Puddy. Another breeder recommended Sapphiredolls, so that was reassuring. She’s a normal, beautiful healthy little girl. Make your life complete. Go well. X- Lani Lopez

I highly recommend Sapphiredolls if you are looking for a beautiful and healthy Ragdoll. My two boys both came from Sapphiredolls and they make me smile everyday, I can’t imagine life without them. They are both so sweet natured and affectionate but with very individual personalities. Sapphiredolls looks after all their cats and kittens incredibly well, with the best nutrition and vet care, and they are treated as part of her family, I think this is why all Sapphiredolls cats have such lovely temperaments. I have already recommended Sapphiredolls to my family and friends, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone else. –Vanessa Gillard

We picked up Miko from Sapphiredolls in April. Sapphiredolls was extremely informative whenever we contacted her and answered any questions we had patiently.When we arrived she let us spend some time with the kittens before we make our final decision and provided us first time cat owners with advices.Miko is a timid but beautiful sweet boy. He is friendly and cuddly with family members and likes to follow us whenever and wherever! He is also very playful and likes to play tag/hide and seek with us. I believe it is because Sapphiredolls family’s loving care that nurtured him into such a wonderful boy! Definitely recommend sapphiredolls if you’re thinking of getting a ragdoll.Thanks to Sapphiredolls their family for all the help! We are looking forward to getting Miko a little brother next year! – Hannah Shu 

I’ve had chocolate point boy and lilac bicolor girls for about a month. They are super loving, quiet and cuddly 🤗 It took them only few days to sleep on my lap 💕 Also, they are very patient with visitors and kids, they actually love them ☺️ I highly recommend Sapphiredolls👍Asuka Morimoto

Highly recommend sapphiredolls if you are looking to add a ragdoll to your family. Our girl Willow is from sapphiredolls and coming up 2 years old now. She is beautiful, healthy and has a lovely temperament, couldnt ask for more! We added Roman our chocolate bicolour boy to the family a year after Willow (we quickly becoming hooked to the awesome ragdoll temperament and needed more!). Roman is so sweet, a big snuggly boy who is very chatty! Love them both 💞-Nikita Parker-James

I would highly recommend getting your next baby from sapphiredolls I got one of my baby’s from her and the communication between the time I decided to buy my sweet girl and even now has been great. Fleur fitted straight into the family and is the sweetest girl thank you and your queens for breeding and raising such a beautiful girl.-Sarah Stratford

We picked up Chad 2 months ago from Sapphiredolls and have been very happy with him right from the get go. He became comfortable in his new home straight away and within a week became good friends with our family cat (the two are now inseparable). Chad is very friendly, sociable, playful and affectionate – all of which we believe is a testament to Sapphiredolls and how they raise their kittens. Chad’s favourite game is hide and seek and loves to stretch out for belly and face ribs. He is very healthy and has made a seamless transition to becoming the newest member of our family. Thank you Sapphiredolls!!!-Mike Parker-Condon

Thank you Sapphiredolls for my beautiful chocolate point boy. I couldn’t ask for a better boy. He is lovely.-Lynda Southcombe

Little Ruby-Luna arrived after a super long road trip to Wellington on Tuesday! That same night she was cuddly and purring. She has settled in nicely and has won even the heart of the dog person in the house. She is such a delight and has completed our family! She is affectionate, playful and even loves to say hi to my work colleagues on our morning video call! I would definitely recommend Sapphiredolls to anyone wanting the sweetest natured little floofs!

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She is still affectionate and playful. She is so clever too! It’s almost as though she has made up games that she likes to play and knows how to get us to play with her the way she wants to be played with. I do know that if we considered getting another fur baby, I wouldn’t look anywhere else and would wait if I had to, to get another from you. I feel the care and love you give the kittens before they go to their forever homes is awesome and they are healthy! The fact that they are desexed and chipped and vaccinated takes a huge load off too. When I took Ruby for a 6 month check up, the vet commented on what a responsible breeder she came from! That was reassurance that we got her from the right breeder….. you can take what you want from here. I would totally recommend you guys!! When people ask me about breeders I direct them to your page. Some people don’t like the wait list, but honestly, I think your babies are worth the wait!-Candice Peetz

Our 2 gorgeous Ragdoll girls are now 5 1/2 months old and are absolutely lovely cats with easy going personalities. When we first visited them as kittens, our little Luna was a little shy so Sapphiredolls kindly took the time to handle her a bit more to get her used to cuddles & what an affectionate and cuddly cat Luna is now. Thanks so much Jude & James, for beautifully trained, well behaved (they love their scratching post) cats. I thoroughly recommend Sapphiredolls.-Leigh Ririnui