Reviews 2021/2022

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I highly recommend Sapphiredolls. They were great at communication with questions that we had, and also sending us updates on our kitten. They also helped us arrange a cat tree for him! Our kitten is absolutely perfect too. Our experience with Sapphiredolls has been wonderful.-Abby Hartono-08/04/2022

Great people to get a Ragdoll from; very communicative with lots of good info and well priced. Loved seeing updates on our baby before she arrived and getting to know her personality once she arrived. Very genuine people who care about their kittens and that the right match has been made. We feel so honoured to have Fig Eowyn as part of our family. We would highly recommend Sapphiredolls!-Liz Matthews-13th of January-2022

I found Sapphiredolls very informative and genuine. I received regular photos of our kitten with updates about his personality and traits. Felt that I knew a lot about him before he arrived. Great to deal with and highly recommend.-Anita Teague-3rd of January, 2022

We met James from Sapphiredolls by Messenger, requesting a kitten for adoption. He has been the most amazing support from the beginning to the end. He helps us choose the right kitten, take care of our loving tofu for 16 weeks sending us videos, photos tips and fun story about him from birth to pick up. It was like knowing our kitten before picking him up! The day we pick up our kitty, the paper work are well designed too and explained all you need to know to settle your kitten home and of course include pedigree and full vet checks. 100% recommended, we have the best family kitten home thanks to the Sapphiredolls team who raise family kitten with love 💖 -April 23  –Carine Claudepierre

I can’t recommend Sapphiredolls and James enough. James kept us constantly updated with photos and notifications. Our beautiful kitten arrived on Friday and we are so very happy to have him. Thank you so much for the amazing service.-Bonnie Den Otter– 25th Of January, 2022

We’ve had Silvio for about a month now and the care put in by James and Jude in socialising and raising the kittens is obvious – Silvio isn’t bothered by anything and fit right in, even becoming best mates with our dog who is much bigger than he is! James kept me updated throughout the waiting period with frequent updates and photos and I appreciated the information I was given to take home as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sapphiredolls to other cat fanciers. Thank you both for the lovely new family member 🙂-February 24  · -Chris Hadley

We got our kitten, Sylvee Rose from Sapphiredolls last week. She is the loveliest kitten or we should say our dream kitten 🥰. Awesome communication from James and really appreciate all the video and photo updates from him. Also appreciate the follow ups from James and Jude, asking how is Sylvee settling in after we collected her shows how much they care for their kitten.-April 6  –Pauline Seet

A review of my experience with Sapphiredolls.

Written by Deb Mulholland.

May 31st 2021.

My wee Rosa Bud (Buddy) arrived one week ago.

She instantly settled in immediately, and has been more than I ever expected. She’s an absolute treat, a happy soul, playful, so trusting, affectionate, and housetrained! She purrs, snuggles, cuddles and sleeps next to me all through the night. I am absolutely one hundred percent certain this is because of the wonderful upbringing she has had since her birth.

A few months ago, I had decided I would like a kitten in my life. I began my research, looking at all the possible breeds I could choose from. I saw and read about the ‘Ragdoll’ cat, and fell in love with its look and nature. I then looked at the NZ ragdoll page and read of people experiences with the breed, and of the breeders. Someone had posted a pic of a kitten they were about to bring home, I followed the thread and found Sapphiredolls.

And saw a picture of the sweetest wee kitten, I knew she was the one. The moment I reached out and told my story, I felt an instant connection and ease of communication with them. James was to be my main contact person, and from the moment we said ‘hi, I felt looked after.

He sent photos every couple of days and then videos of the kittens playing together in their own environment and with their Mums. I felt very much part of their growing up, and can’t thank them enough for this experience, it was priceless. Rosa Bud had to come down from Wellington to Palmy, so together James and I looked at the differing ways she might travel down here. We decided on the Petbus. I reached out and booked with them, and James and his Mum made sure Buddy was on the bus.

She arrived with all of her papers, and a booklet to help guide me with great suggestions, and through her vaccinations and it had all the important dates I needed. I love the Sapphiredolls Facebook page too… there I get to see her Rosa’s siblings and extended family growing up and meeting their owners. I do love being part of this community. Anyhoo, thank you James, you’re a gem. I couldn’t recommend you and your Mum and your beautiful cates enough.

Best wishes


Sue 😊

I highly recommend Sapphiredolls for so many reasons.

From the very start they maintained excellent contact with regular updates of what my fur baby was up to, including wonderful videos and photos and descriptions of his personality.

Whenever I had any questions, they were super prompt with responses.

The most fantastic aspect of Sapphiredolls is the support they provide you to ensure your new kitten is as well settled as possible. My kitten came with a gorgeous wee book which not only included his pedigree certificate, photos of Mama and Papa cat, but a treasure trove of useful advice – including how to introduce my new kitten to my existing ragdoll. The advice in the book, along with advice Sapphire dolls provided via messaging were instrumental in ensuring the introductions and settling went smoothly.

Even after my kitten arrived, Sapphiredolls were happy to provide any advice or information as needed.

If you are getting your first kitten or ragdoll, or even introducing a kitten to another cat for the first time, I highly recommend Sapphiredolls because of the fantastic support they offer, and because of their genuine passion for the wellbeing of their ragdolls.

And their cats definitely have the best personalities – my new fur baby is a hoot and a holler!

Sue Paul

My wife and I adopted a blue bi-color ragdoll from sapphire dolls. We were very particular who we adopted from and found Saphhire dolls to be the most responsive as well as knowledgeable when it came to what we were looking for.

The wait to get our new kitten was easy as they made sure he was well looked after. They sent us pictures of his progression and made sure all the natural behaviors remained so he could grow into his own personality.

Thank you for the new addition to our family, and most strongly recommend talking to sapphire dolls if you are thinking of adopting.

The visits were the best! 🐈-Barry

A big thanks to Jude and James, especially. The way James sent regular updates on our gorgeous fur baby and cute ongoing photos really helped with the process. He answered questions quickly and put us at ease. The follow-up since Casper came home has been lovely too. They both clearly adore cats and are very sincere. Thanks you so much, you have helped make our family complete.-Sally

Jackson is the second kitten I have gotten from Sapphiredolls. I chose to get another kitten from them because I had such a positive experience with them when I got Ruby. When you get one amazing cat, with the sweetnest nature, you wonder if it’s a fluke; but Jackson is the same. He is super cuddly and friendly and settled in within a few days and his big sister adores him and they have bonded so well.What I looked forward to were all the photos and the videos that I got of little Jackson. I got to see him grow in front of me and that made the whole experience so special (and I also got to see what games he likes to play). A booklet was included which was so helpful to read (Especially the infographic on harmful plants) and it was so wonderful to get large photos of Mum and Dad. I got responses to every question I asked and nothing was too much trouble. I found the service amazing and was surprised when James registered the microchip on my behalf, that was an unexpected extra that was so appreciated.I have and would continue to recommend getting a little furbaby from Sapphiredolls, not only are James and Jude great to engage with, but their kittens are just awesome.-Candice Peetz

** REVIEW**This is our first time purchasing a Ragdoll kitten. The process from paying the deposit to picking her up has been really easy. James has gone out of his was to communicate with us, updating us with pictures, videos and conversations about our wee girl. He has loving spent the time with her and the other kittens so when we got her she was well socialised and really easy to care for. Our kitten from day one used the litter box, ate food, slept through the night and was confident with us, the kids and her new environment. I put all this down to the amazing care she had whilst she was very young. The facebook page is an added bonus! Its so nice being able to share pictures and ask questions of other Sapphiredolls buyers as well as get advice from James and Jude. its lovely being able to stay in touch with them!. One day Id love to get another Ragdoll and Sapphiredolls will be my first and only point of call. Thank you for going out of your way to provide us with the cutest wee girl with the best personality. We love her so much! Vanessa, Phil, the kids and Luxe ( AKA Marigold Lucia)-Vanessa Lucia-Jun 27, 2021

Bon We love our Bon from Sapphiredolls. He’s such a laidback gentle boy. And always up for a play. Thank you James and Jude for the beautiful, healthy and well socialised kitten. Great ongoing support too. Highly recommended.-Astrid Matijasevich

We got our little girl from Sapphiredolls not long ago. It was an easy choice to go with them as not only are their kings, queens and kittens gorgeous, but they take pride in what they help to create and love to share the stories of all their cats and kittens.The communication and buying process was so easy with James and Jude, and the ongoing support they offer has been very reassuring. We highly recommend Sapphiredolls.-Maisie Meiklejohn-15th November-2021

Absolutely loved my experience with sapphiredolls. I messaged asking about there kittens and I got a response within a few minutes. Great people and really care about their kittens, queens and kings. If your ever wanting to get a ragdoll highly recommend sapphiredolls 😊Michelle Rose-30th October-2021

Excellent experience with SapphireDolls. Great communication throughout the whole process, very accommodating and raised an amazing pair of kittens who are so friendly and affectionate, have tons of character and are so gorgeous.

Would definitely recommend.-Christopher Fletcher-December 12, 2021